July 08, 2009

Send in the clowns!

Last Saturday, while I was forced to take a three hour nap in the comfort of an air-conditioned noise-free house, the rest of the family loaded up Claire's stroller (and a bag for collecting candy) into Stew's vehicle, headed out into 90+ degree temperatures, and drove to the next town over for the Annual Chanhassen 4th of July Parade. As I understand it, Claire had a really good time... except when the horses got too close for comfort. She managed to collect about six pieces of hard candy and one big Tootsie Roll, and she really enjoyed waving at the firetrucks, tractors and the parade of dogs from the Carver County Humane Society. She really, REALLY liked the air show that took place overhead at the beginning of the parade and, surprisingly, never even flinched when a local group of VFW vets on Harley Davidson motorcycles put on their own ground show within yards of her. But she eventually grew tired and made it known that she was no longer amused. All in all, it was a still a great day.
Yes, there were clowns. They rode in a car and waved at the crowd (one was our local senator... the other our local representative... both who, despite studies that prove otherwise, feel as though early childhood family education funding is unnecessary). Fittingly, the political clowns were immediately followed by real clowns - the slightly less scary kind that wear funny shoes and big red noses. But Stew's camera phone pics didn't turn out, so you'll just have to take my word for it. They were there. And speaking of clowns...

It happens about once every six months on this blog. Some poor, unsuspecting person wanders here expecting to find (humorous?) musings of a stay-at-home dog and pics of a cute toddler only to find one of my left-leaning political rants. No, I'm not talking about any of Stew's family members... I think all but one of them stopped reading this blog about three months after I started writing it. Instead, I'm referring to "Anonymous". I understand the internets are full of Anonymous commentators. Trust me. I get it. I've left more than my fair share of less-than-tasteful anonymous comments on Kim Kardashian's blog (actually I use the moniker "kitty_stalker", but it's the same difference). Plus, there are some who simply can't believe I'm a blogging dog and accuse me of actually being Stew using this venue to espouse his liberal views while cowardly hiding behind his pet's identity... sort of like blaming me for his smelly farts. But that's simply not true. I am my own dog, plus Stew has no problem taking credit for his own stinky butt. In fact, he does so proudly.

Anyway, the latest Anonymous commentor to my blog seemed to take issue with my recent attacks on Sarah Palin... indirectly calling me a moron. It seems as though Palin is the voice of most Americans. Who knew? So you can read the aforementioned comment attached to THIS blog post for more details. After my very first political rant years ago, Momma warned me to be prepared for people to disagree. I'm cool with anyone who wants to disagree, but I've lived with Stew long enough and have adopted his inability to "let it go". So, with that in mind, the following is dedicated to you, Anonymous.

I created this one myself, therefore, it's my favorite!

A couple from the internet... I like these because of the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy references.

Finally, here are a couple more internet finds that nicely tie my two favorite, utterly incompetent, bat-shit crazy female leaders of the GOP. Seriously, this is the best you have to offer?


Anonymous 9:48 AM  


I'm totally with you on this one. Have you SEEEEEN the Time magazine "exit" interview, that woman is a rambler. How may words does it take to say nothing.

You go dog! Dee (Rosemount)

Anonymous 9:24 AM  

Yuck!!! Palin and Bachman in 2012. The world will end.

Anonymous 10:27 PM  

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