August 06, 2009

Hippie Replacement

In case you missed it the other night, Stephen Colbert took a look at recent grassroots efforts to combat health care reform. This will likely upset any Teabaggers out there, which is exactly why I'm posting it. Enjoy!

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And on a more serious note, here's an excellent explanation from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow of what's taking place in town hall meetings across the country . Yes, I realize MSNBC's opinion commentators are the left wing equivalent of the Fox News Channel douchebags, but the difference is MSNBC uses facts to support their opinions while Fox tends to rely mostly on fear, spin or outright lies (see also: daily GOP talking point memos). Plus, I watch MSNBC for political entertainment and not for news. I prefer to get my news from more reliable sources (Fox News viewers should try reading some foreign newspapers sometime... like that's ever gonna happen). The clip is 10 minutes long, so you working stiffs might want to watch it at home or on your smoke break.

One more thing... here's Jon Stewart's take on the recent release of two American journalists from North Korea. I especially enjoy the last minute of the segment. Here's a shocker - Fox News viewers probably won't like it.

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