September 18, 2009

I wanna be sedated!

I overheard Stew on the phone this morning talking to my doctor at the Chaska Valley Vet Clinic (I give my doc TWO PAWS WAY UP). Anyway, he mentioned something about taking a trip with a dog that gets very anxious in the back of a vehicle. Then he mentioned something about "Hurricane Katrina survivor" and "18 hour trip from New Orleans to Minnesota locked inside a cage for most of the time", and I figured it out - he was talking about me! I started to freak out until I heard him mention "sedative". This perked my ears WAY up, especially if a sedative has any sort of relation to my Grandma's homemade psychedelic doggy biscuits! After he got off the phone, he told Claire they were heading off to "go get Bogey some travel medicine". So as soon as they walked out the door, I ran over to the CD player and popped in my favorite Ramones song, "I Want to be Sedated":

Twenty-twenty-twenty-four hours to go;
I wanna be sedated.
Nothing to do,
No where to go, oh!
I wanna be sedated.
Just get me to the airport,
Put me on a plane.

Hurry hurry hurry,
Before I go insane!

I can't control my fingers,
I can't control my brain.

Oh no oh oh oh oh!
Ba-ba-baba, baba-ba-baba, I wanna be sedated...

In other news, Grandma arrived yesterday afternoon while on her way back home from a conference in New York City. Claire made out like a bandit with a new t-shirt from M&M World... a new scarf... a new NY baseball cap... and loads of candy. If I survive the trip we're taking, then there's a good chance I'll blog about it. Stew says I'm not allowed to write about where we're going in case one of my four faithful readers decides to alert the local authorities... Anyway, I just hope the sedative works, and that the trip is groovy! In the meantime, pictures of Claire and Grandma...


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