September 17, 2009

Dog tired

My hairy butt is dragging, folks. I'm beat. The last couple weeks have been more than one dog can handle. The fact that I didn't blog about the Glenn Beck 9-12 Project event last weekend should be all the proof you need to know how worn out I am. I went so far as to actually visit to see what it was about. I had my suspicions and was unclear as to exactly how a Teabagging Party could be tied to September 11, 2001, without exploiting said tragedy. Doing so requires some sort of willful suspension of disbelief... something Teabaggers seem to have no problem accomplishing. Anyway, back when I visited the site, it contained an internal page labeled "The 2nd Amendment" (HERE). At this page, I was able to read the text of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution (the gun one). I also like to read the comments section of websites and newspaper editorial pages. Momma thinks I'm a freak for doing so, but you can learn a lot about who else reads the information. For example, there were 1,730 comments alone under the Glenn Beck 9-12 Project "The 2nd Amendment" page. It was pretty much a mix between comments indirectly threatening the life of the president and comments like "Obama needs to go back to where he came from!" Now, what exactly Hawaii has to do with a non-partisan rally to protest government overspending, I'll never know... but I've never claimed to know what goes on inside the head of a Glenn Beck fan (or a Teabagger for that matter). I wonder why this internal page was taken down? Anyway, since my visit to the site, I've been listening to a lot of Right Wing talk radio whenever I'm in the car with Stew. Apparently, some on The Right cannot figure out why many people (and blogging dogs like me) continue to refer to some on their side as "racist". Well, I was going to go down The Duck Test path (if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks racist rhetoric like a duck...), but I decided to use a visual aide instead. Forgive my novice Photoshop skills, but I think you'll get the idea...And here's Jon Stewart's take on Glenn Beck's little love fest with teabagging...

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Oh darn. I was going to blog about my Aunt Michelle's 40th birthday surprise party, but it appears I got off track yet again. Oh well, now it's time to go pick up Grandma from the airport and go on a picnic... then I plan to take a nice long nap.


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