October 30, 2009

Well, it's about time!

Have you ever tried to persuade a Fox News Channel "follower" to take a step back and possibly consider that their news source is a little bit less than credible... that perhaps they are operating off an entirely different set of facts than those of us who choose to lampoon Fox News because of its clear bias? Well, unless you enjoy the sensation of beating your head against a brick wall, perhaps you've avoided such confrontations. As for me, I rather enjoy it... but usually only over the safety of the Internet or a social networking site like FaceBook (sorry again, Aunt Julie, for attacking your fellow high school alumn on FB... but I recall you admitting to me that he is a complete tool, therefore I feel completely justified in doing so).

Anyway, ever since Fox News got a giant boner and decided to throw even more red meat to the teabagger community by manufacturing a "War on Fox" -- purportedly being waged by the White House because a WH rep dared to speak the truth about Fox News -- I've been waiting for either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert to produce a poignant satire of this situation. And last night, Jon Stewart finally delivered...

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