November 25, 2009


In 1987, one of the greatest movies ever made was released. The action/thriller John Flynn-directed movie, Best Seller. It's such an awesome film. It stars James Woods as "Cleve", the mob assassin, and Brian Dennehy plays "Dennis Meecham", retired cop turned best-selling author. C'mon! It's a recipe for awesomeness. A hired assassin. A cop turned author. Together, they're rewriting the rulebook on the Mob!

Bestseller is also a term for a book that's identified as extremely popular by its inclusion on lists of currently top-selling titles that are based on publishing industry and book trade figures and published by newspapers, magazines, or bookstore chains.

I mean who hasn't heard about Sarah Palin's best-selling book? A hired ghost writer. A failed VP candidate turned half-term governor. Together, they're rewriting recent history. No, seriously. They are. There's a bunch of fact-checkers and stuff.
And most Twin Cities dwellers have probably already seen this week's cover of our very own City Pages magazine. Bat-shit crazy Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann graces the issue's cover because inside is an interview with her. Well, sort of... I mean she provides written responses
to questions that were emailed to her because she refused the reporter's request for a live interview. Bachmann's people called it a "hit piece" on her, but trust me when I say City Pages is a friend of "real conservatives" everywhere... especially wayward Republican senators just passing through town. Of course I might be referring to the ads in the back of the magazine offering discrete encounters with drug- and disease-free male escorts. Or not. Michele Bachmann - If words could kill, then she'd be guilty of mass murder!
Of course, you could also manipulate your way onto a best seller list by having your friends purchase tens of thousands of your book at wholesale and then offer the book at $24 off the cover price as an "incentive" to buy a year's subscription to NewsMax! So, apparently you don't have to sell all your books to "real Americans" to make it onto a best se
ller list. But I know what you're saying, "So, Bogey... if it's so easy, why don't YOU do it?" Maybe I will... maybe I will. Writing a book is easy. Writing a best seller requires a dog's point of view.


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God you're funny! V

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