December 28, 2009

See ya next year!

We'll be heading north in a few days for our annual New Year's weekend with Aunt Susan, Uncle Kermit and all our crazy friends from Fargo. And since it's going to take a few days to prepare for our departure since Stew will make 3-4 separate trips to the grocery and liquor stores because he refuses to make a list, I thought I'd prepare one last post before the new year. And today, Stew finally purchased a cable needed to transfer video footage from his camcorder to his computer, so I've been monkeying around all night in an attempt to make y'all a movie. Well, I think I gone and done it. If all goes as planned, you should see a video below these words. It's about three days late, but I'm hopeful you still like it. So just click the arrow to play it, sit back, enjoy... and have a fantastic New Year weekend!

UPDATE: Okay, so I spent the better part of last night (this morning) attempting to upload the video, but I kept getting the message, "Your file is too large for its destination" (to which I replied, "That's what she said!"). Therefore, I had no other choice but to upload my "large" file to the YouTubes. Please note I'm not trying to go all Gosselin on you by exploiting our cute little Claire (referring, of course, to the Gosselins of Jone & Kate Plus Eight infamy). To the contrary, I merely want to share Claire's beauty with the world... plus I want to get this darned video uploaded before I leave town or Claire turns four... whichever comes first!


Heidi 6:10 AM  

Good job, Bogart! The video was most excellent...can't wait to see more of your creations. Have a great New Year's!

Say Hi to your family for me!

Oh, and tell Stew the "That's what she said" joke in this posting made me giggle too loud at 6am! =)

Peter 9:39 AM  

(sniff) Beautiful...(sniff) just beautiful. Can't wait to see you.

Anonymous 3:35 PM  

Awe! That was so sweet! Dee (Rosemount)

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