January 11, 2010

What a way to start the new year...

Well, I'm forced to come out of my 2009 hibernation earlier than planned. Allow me to explain...

Do you remember when the former Alaskan Governor Palin (aka "Quitter in Chief") made her bumbling resignation speech that left everyone asking, "What the hell just happened... did she quit or declare war? Somebody get me a drunk guy who's tweaking on meth to help decipher this Palin transcript." For the record, she did NOT quit. She apparently just stepped aside by doing something that only looks like quitting.
Anyway, that's the same day I stated on this blog that she would be puking GOP talking points on Faux News before too long. Okay, okay... so a few million other people said the same thing, but I'm pretty sure I barked it first. But it was an obvious prediction. I mean, c'mon, what else was she going to do after she had someone else write her book? There are only so many Teabagger events at which to speak for tens of thousands of dollars. Eventually, even the Teabaggers are going to figure out she's just using them to get rich off her victim tour (or am I giving them too much credit?).

Anyway, today's BREAKING NEWS:

Sarah Palin gets deal as Fox commentator

So it looks like Glenn Beck has some stiff competition for the Craziest Nut-job at Fox title. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some heavy drinking to do.


Anonymous 8:43 AM  

Next thing we know, Bachman will do the same thing.

Parker 12:02 PM  

Flash! I just read in the Pioneer Press that Palin is coming to campaign for Bachmann! I can't wait for your live coverage. What a circus that should be!

Bogart 9:42 AM  

That's great news, Parker... NOT! Just this morning, Bachmann was on a local Right Wing radio show spouting garbage from the Dick Cheney's How To Scare Ignorant People Handbook. It appears "terrorize them about terrorists" is going to be Bachmann's plan to retain her seat... of course, it will likely work, especially in her district (aka "Mulletville").

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