January 22, 2010

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...

Sorry, folks... but I'm back! I decided to take an extended vacation and gather my thoughts. I was contemplating leaving the Independence Party to join one of the two political parties in power, but my annoying ability to feel shame just doesn't allow it. And as if he knew what I was considering, Jon Stewart provided me with a friendly reminder of why I just can't get myself to become a Democrat. I have lots of fine Democrat friends, some liberal some moderate. But most of the ones in Washington sure don't inspire dogs like me to support them when they continue to show a lack of leadership. And becoming Republican is simply out of the question these days. In my humble opinion, conservatism is way more dangerous and scary than "San Francisco-style liberalism". I guess I'm just not that into hate and intolerance. Besides, I've never seen a larger gathering of shameless douchebaggery than when the Republican leadership gets together for a press conference (I talking about you Boehner, Cantor and McConnell). Anyway...

"Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of congress; but I repeat myself." - Mark Twain

When you have a free 10 minutes, watch this Jon Stewart clip...

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And then there was yesterday...

As the informed members of my audience of four faithful bloggees know, yesterday the Supreme Court pretty much guaranteed the eternal existence of a corporatocracy for the United States (apparently not a news worthy event based on Fox News' lack of coverage). For the Teabaggers out there that want to fight a government's role to regulate and protect you from unchecked corporate fraud and power, allow me to explain (**). You know how NASCAR cars are decorated with pretty company logos? And how the NASCAR drivers and pit crews wear uniforms decorated with these same logos? They do this because those companies are sponsoring the race teams, which means a company pours lots of money into promoting its team so the team wins and gives exposure to the company. Well, thanks to the Supreme Court, it won't be long before the entire legislative, judicial and executive branches of government are "sponsored" by the likes of Halliburton, General Electric, Blackwater, Bechtel plus Wall Street (sort of like the Bush Administration... but on steroids). Yea, I know it's a free speech issue because corporations are entitled to protection under the 14th Amendment, which brought about the advent of the beloved corporate lobbyist. But if you think Washington is out of touch now, just wait. I for one am actually looking forward to all the corporate-sponsored political ads that will soon start popping up. It will be like watching the silly Super Bowl commercials, except now I'll be cowering under my doggy bed with the covers pulled up to my eyes. I do enjoy a good scary movie, and there will be plenty of Dick Cheneyesque ads coming soon to a TV near you!

** This statement is not meant to imply all NASCAR fans are Teabaggers or uninformed voters. In fact, I know some pretty cool people who enjoy NASCAR, and I don't want to get on their bad side!


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