March 29, 2010

BREAKING NEWS (more like broken news)

We had a pretty good weekend around here. On Saturday, Aunt Dee (Rosemount) came over to help Linda and Claire paint Claire's bedroom. Unfortunately, Claire doesn't discriminate between the wall and the carpet when it comes to painting. Later, our other good friend, Susan, came over to eat pizza and girl talk with the ladies while I headed to Chanhassen for a night of poker (which didn't go well... I lost). On Sunday, Michigan State earned a return trip to the NCAA Final Four, moving a step closer to the championship I predicted. The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning the house in anticipation of Grandma Stewart's visit today. Unfortunately, my mother is the one person in the world who can instantly tell just how much effort - or lack thereof - I put into cleaning. But I took a page out of Claire's playbook and just shoved random items into end table drawers and media center cupboards to make the living room appear uncluttered. And I'm REALLY hoping my mom stays away from the closet in our office... unless she's wearing a hard hat to protect her from large objects falling from the upper shelf.

When I wasn't watching basketball or pretending to clean the house, I did happen to stumble upon various news reports on the TV machine. For example, did you know Sarah Palin campaigned for John McCain in Arizona? Plus, it was beaten into my skull that she also "spoke" - or whatever it is you call the word salad that comes out of her mouth whenever she opens it - at a TeaBagger rally in Searchlight, NV, this weekend. Well, if you turned on your TV this weekend, you most likely saw at least a half-dozen news stories about the same thing.  The corporate media is such a joke, and it reminds me of this video sent to me by Claire's Auntie Karen. It pretty accurately reflects what passes for "journalism" these days. [Note: there are quite a few uses of "dirty words" in this clip...]

And since it's college basketball time, here's another video I thought was clever and relevant to NCAA tournament time.


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