March 25, 2010

Life With Dogs

Anyone who knows me knows I love dogs. And many of these same people are likely to know a few unflattering stories about me from my days of exercising poor judgment while attending the University of South Dakota, but I digress. As my four faithful readers know, this blog was started by our beloved family dog, Bogey, and has since attracted a handful of other doggy bloggers (including humans who blog about dogs). And one of my favorite blogs I subscribe to is Life With Dogs. I really enjoy the writing, and I absolutely love the photos and cartoons here. Please go check it out - today's post is "wild"! And while you're at it, please visit HERE to read an article Life With Dogs blog owner, Janet, wrote. It's titled, 10 Amazing Ways Dogs Have Helped Advance Medicine, and it's pretty interesting stuff about how truly incredible dogs are. Go give it a read.


Anonymous 3:05 PM  

Dogs are the best!! I can't have one at my place, but it is fun to dog-sit for my favorite canines.


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