March 24, 2010

Blogging for kibble... and Spa Day!

Last last year, I had the opportunity to hold a Beer Summit with a couple close friends who also happen to read this blog. Astonishing, I know. Not the fact that I drink beer, but more so that I actually have friends... who not only drink beer, but they can also read. What's more, they actually read this blog. The Republicans might not be too far off base when they recently rolled out their latest scare tactic that Armageddon is here! As soon as one of my friends actually reads a book or takes a shower, THEN we'll know Armageddon is upon us, at which point I'll be heading for the hills with this Armageddon survival guide in hand. Anyway, the topic of my Beer Summit was this blog, and I received some good feedback and constructive criticism. In a nut shell, I learned the blog can be mildly entertaining, while the commercial breaks are annoying. I concur, but I'm sort of stuck with them. The commercial breaks, that is. Although I'm pretty much stuck with my friends, too, but I'm too old, lazy and tired to actually go out and find new (see also better) ones. 

But the commercial breaks actually serve a purpose. No, I'm not hoping to become the next Vince (aka "The ShamWow Guy"). Instead, these commercial breaks are a small - make that VERY small - way of accumulating my own spending cash now that I have no source of income (other than Linda's checkbook). It's one thing buying myself a Starbucks venti iced mocha with "Linda's money" after a shopping trip to Super Target. Sometimes I feel guilty for doing so, but then I eventually convince myself I had no choice in the matter because I'm addicted to the drinks. It's actually Starbucks fault for making such a delicious beverage that makes my head hurt if I don't drink one every single day. How do they do that? It's weird. But let's face it, it's downright humiliating presenting Linda with a birthday, anniversary or Mother's Day gift purchased with her money. It's like, "Here, I hope you have a good Spa Day because I just spent $150 of your money on it... I love you!" Therefore, you'll still see commercial breaks from time to time so I can continue sending Linda on spa days each year. I've yet to figure out a (legal) way to earn money that requires less than an hour of my time, so if you know of something then please let me know. In the meantime, thank you in advance for your understanding of the occasional commercial break... but I'll guarantee you say WOW every time you read one or else I'll send you a check (written from Linda's checkbook, of course).


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