March 19, 2010

I've got your algorithm right here!

Somebody's gloating at our house, and she's only 38" tall. While Linda and I are following our annual tradition of sucking at NCAA basketball pools, Claire is doing quite well. To Linda's defense, she doesn't actually participate in any NCAA pool - I just use her name to allow me to have multiple entries in the pool I enter. So it would seem the little algorithms I created to pick winning teams are actually working in reverse. But who am I kidding? I can barely spell algorithm let alone know what an algorithm actually is. Claire, on the other hand, appears to be some sort of Jedi Master when it comes to picking winning teams. So far, she's only missed a couple games, plus she's picked several upsets including Cornell and Murray State. She asked if she could pose for a photo showing her holding her bracket sheet. We've started calling her The Professor because she continues to amaze us with her smarts, and I think I know where she gets them. You know how I hate to make this blog about me, but I have to tell a "me" story. Back in '86, my high school basketball coach was being interviewed on KCCR's Coaches Corner (the Saturday morning coaches' radio show from my hometown) and was asked about yours truly. Coach Judson said that I was "a smart player" who had "a nose for the ball". However, it should be noted the entire text of his comment was, "Brett's not very fast, and he doesn't have a lot of talent, but he's a smart player and really has a nose for the ball." Thanks, Coach!  I think...


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