March 21, 2010

Alaska's Maverick (The Original)

I received sad news yesterday from my good friend in Alaska, Max, concerning the loss of Sir Blue Ledoux - his family's beloved dog. It seems Sir Blue, who never met a moose he feared, had a run in with a vehicle along the highway near the family's country home. Sir Blue was an incredibly intelligent Australian Shepherd who's taken on moose, bear, wolves and skunk. He's even survived having his back legs handcuffed together by an unruly young boy. And he never - not once - had to wear lipstick to prove his credentials as a true Alaskan maverick. But, unfortunately, Sir Blue met his match Friday night. As dog lovers ourselves, we know the profound impact a loyal dog (or pet) has on a family, and we send our deepest condolences to Max, Kate, Sam and Charlotte on their tragic loss.


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