March 23, 2010

Big Brother is watching

...and Claire and Bogey can see what you are doing, so PLEASE pull up your pants, Uncle Kermit! 

Was that "joke" too inappropriate for a family-friendly blog? Let's just go with "unfunny" and move on... it's too late to do anything about it now anyway, so how 'bout I change subjects and talk about our piece of crap camera that is unable to produce a photo that isn't blurry? I've lobbied Linda for a new camera, and despite the fact she rarely uses our 5-yr old Kodak EasyShare 5.0 Mega Pixel Digital Turd, I was surprised to hear her tell me last night, "Yea, I don't like our camera either." So, it looks like the pictures on this blog will eventually be crisp, but it sucks having to ask permission to buy a camera. About the only thing I miss about my days selling high quality furniture at a modest price - besides the sarcastic, hurtful, profanity-laced verbal jabs my coworkers and I lovingly shared with each other on a daily basis - is being able to buy stuff without having to convene a family meeting. At the time, I was earning slightly more than Linda, but she was covering all our health insurance and retirement planning, so we had a good system in place. Plus, I was single-handedly responsible for keeping various Starbucks and Caribou Coffee baristas throughout southern Minnesota employed. We also had our own personal checking accounts for things like running shoes (Linda) and bongo drums (me), yet I wasn't the most prudent spender. No, seriously. I wasn't. You see, Linda goes through a pair of running shoes each year, while my bongo drums are buried somewhere in a closet downstairs... along with my strum stick, harmonica, ab roller, my Carlton Sheets No Down Payment real estate investment guides, and my unopened How to Teach Your Old Dog to Catch a New Frisbee DVD. Believe it or not, I didn't consult with Linda on any of the aforementioned purchases. And believe it or not, Linda is still with me. For now anyway. So I'm going to start researching digital cameras. Then again, the new Shake Weight for Men workout program looks like a pretty good investment...


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