March 04, 2010

Pepe Le Pew and Fargo, too

Claire and I transported Linda to the airport this morning to catch a flight, and she won't be returning until Thursday the 11th.  She's jetting off to Paris. The French one. The one sometimes referred to as Gay Paree. She and her pal, Bev, are going to participate in the Semi-Marathon de Paris (the Paris Half-Marathon) because they apparently couldn't find any good half-marathons to run in the western hemisphere. Plus, I'm told Paris offers a wealth of interesting sight-seeing opportunities, if you're into that sort of thing. Linda enjoys museums, art galleries and "grown-up" crap like that, so she should enjoy Paris. As for me, whenever I travel I prefer to sniff out a cool jazz club, like Denver's El Chapultepec. Or a cozy little blues bar like Lincoln, Nebraska's legendary Zoo Bar. But when I can't find an open bar stool at a dirty dive bar, I like to go to Fargo!

So Claire, Bogey and I are heading to Fargo after preschool tomorrow. We plan to hang out with some of the coolest people in the whole entire world. And while Fargo is home to some pretty seedy bars that I've enjoyed WAY too much in the past - such as The Bismarck and The Empire - the plan is to just chill with friends and relax. On Saturday, Claire and I are even going to the Clara Barton Elementary School Carnival. When Linda heard about our plans, she got really jealous. We just hope she has as much fun in Paris as we're going to have in Fargo.

Here are a couple pics of Claire posing in her beret. The first one is her impersonation of a Frenchman giving a boorish American tourist "the look". Have a nice weekend... and Au revoir!


Anonymous 2:38 PM  

Nice beret!!
Aunt Karen

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