April 07, 2010

Granny overdose

Claire's Grandma Stewart returned yesterday after a trip to SoDak to visit more of the Stewart Clan. Meanwhile, as you know if you read this blog, Claire was in SoDak last weekend visiting her other grandma (and grandpa). So, it's been nine straight days of all-grandmas all-the-time for Claire, and she's loving it. In fact, as I type this post, Claire's lying on her belly on the couch while having her back tickled by Grandma Stewart. A favorite past-time of Claire's is having her back tickled. We think she learned it from watching Bogey get his back scratched by Auntie Karen and her "scratchin' claws". Anyway, since I'm in charge of fetching iced tea for my ma, I don't have much time to blog today, which is unfortunate. You see, I was really looking forward to finally opining in the PAW-LITICS section of this blog about the Dumb and Dumber Tour that hit town today. For those who live outside the Twin Cities, Sarah Palin - the former half-governor of Alaska - is in town today campaigning for Minnesota's Sixth District Two-Term Congresswoman - and full-time batsh!t crazy embarrassment - Michelle Bachmann. At this moment, I'm sure they're both spewing the Conservative flatulence we've all grown to expect from their uninformed kind. Maybe I'll get around to writing something up tomorrow. More likely, there will be a Jon Stewart video clip tonight that I can steal that will catch the true essence of craziness that the Conservative movement has become these days...


Anonymous 9:24 AM  

Didn't you go to Palin and Bachman yesterday?

Bogart 10:57 AM  

Sadly, no I did not. I hate myself, just not enough to go through that sort of torture.

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