April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

All my liberal readers know today is Earth Day - a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. Or, as my conservative readers might put it - a day created by liberal-commies designed to diminish American exceptionalism with a pessimistic political ideology that portrays American citizens and corporations in a negative light (by pointing out we're kinda sorta pretty big polluters). But maybe it's just a happy, non-political day to celebrate the environment? Maybe? Personally, I'm no "global warming" expert. Plus, I still find Al Gore somewhat creepy in a robotic sort of way, although I like him a whole lot more than I did in 2000 when I voted for Dubya (I just threw up in my mouth a little after typing that admission, and I apologize to everyone for my short-sightedness back before I actually paid attention to what happens in Washington, DC). So anyway, I'm not entirely convinced humans are the cause of all climate change. However, I prefer that public policy be based on science rather than politics and fear mongering, and I don't see how anyone can possibly be against efforts to curb the amount of crap humans and corporations spew into the atmosphere if you can grasp the simple concept that pollution is a bad thing. I think people forget "emissions" are "pollution" (especially in the case of Bogey's wicked evil dog farts - Yowza!). But to be fair and balanced, I'll tune into Fox News sometime so Sean Hannity can tell me why I'm dead wrong and how "pollution" is just some straw man idea invented by the far left liberal elitist government-run media to mislead the public. And I'm sure I'll believe him, because all Fox viewers know:  Must. Believe. Everything. Fox. News. Says.

So Claire decided to celebrate Earth Day this morning by spilling a potted plant and spreading the dirt around on the carpeted floor. She says she was "looking for worms." I guess maybe she wants to head to the local watering hole and go fishin' and skip rocks with Pa to celebrate the day (cue the Andy Griffith Show music). Instead, I think I'll teach her about keeping America clean by showing her how to run the vacuum cleaner. And maybe it's time she learn how to make Pa a turkey sandwich. It's a parent's job to teach, and I take my job very seriously.


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