May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day - Part 2

This weekend, Bogey pointed out I made a faux pas this weekend (or faux PAW in this instance) when I neglected to extend a Happy Mother's Day wish to all the dog moms we know and love - even Aunt Dee (Rosemount), despite the fact she makes her beloved dog, Remmy, live with not one but TWO cats! Although I must say we're pretty sure Bogey enjoys his occasional weekend stays at Dee's more than his time living here. But I really can't blame him, especially after I discovered him locked in Claire's room - for the third time in two weeks - at about 6PM Friday evening. Earlier in the day, Claire went upstairs to her bedroom to fetch a fleece before we headed out on a shopping trip to Costco. As she normally does, Claire instructed Bogey to accompany her upstairs. I thought nothing of it, and we flew out the door once Claire reappeared in appropriate cool weather attire. That was around 2PM. Again, I discovered Bogey at 6PM, so you can do the math as to the length of this most recent incarceration. At least he has his doggy bed in Claire's room ever since she started refusing to go to bed unless she has [quote] "someone (to) watch me sleep." You guessed it - poor Bogey drew the short straw when we were deciding who would be in charge of the creepy sounding task of watching Claire sleep.

Anyway, we had a pretty good weekend. Linda made her annual Mother's Day trek to Bella on the Bay for some spa time Saturday morning. But I used up all my earnings from taking online surveys and writing insincere product reviews on this blog to pay for the spa, so I've only got five months to replenish my piggy bank before Linda's birthday (when I give her the exact same gift... so much for surprises). So, if anyone wants to pay me a ridiculous amount of money to write whatever you want me to write about whatever it is you want me to write about, then I'm for sale. Otherwise, I guess I could walk the neighborhood offering to mow lawns for some fast cash. But the likelihood of me suffering a stroke is too high and sort of shoots down that idea. Instead, I could run an extension cord out to the curb and set up a frozen margarita stand to compete with the combination lemonade stand and fingernail painting business the two tween girls from the cul de sac have set up on the corner. Then again, something tells me Kennedy and Cassidy will not look kindly on my entrepreneurial endeavor, and I think it best to avoid getting on their bad side. The last thing I need is for them to send Emma over to shake me down for $100 to "protect" me from "mean girls in the neighborhood who might want to see harm come to my newly established enterprise."

Now, here's Claire posing with her Mother's Day gift for Linda.


Anonymous 10:49 PM  

Thanks Stew! The cats are planning a special surprise for Bogey's upcoming visit.


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