October 20, 2006

I'm exhausted...

Alright, alright, alright already. I get it... you want more baby pictures and less stories about the true evil that is the feline. I've received numerous complaints - mainly from catlovers no less - that my most recent blog entry was an unprovoked attack on the (supposed) innocent housecat. I'm just reporting the news, people. If you want entertainment fluff about Fluffy, then there are a billion other sources available to you on the net. For example, at http://www.iluvcats.com, you can find an entire "poetry corner" dedicated to pet cats. If you are so lonely that you need to write a poem about your cat, let alone read other people's poems about their cats, then you need to move out of your mom's basement and get a life. If celebrity news is more your thing, go to http://thesuperficial.com and find out whose post Paris Hilton is scratching these days. Whatever floats your boat... I don't really care. Just don't come here and call me "unpatriotic" or "ignorant" for reporting the truth about the filthy housecat. And don't get me started on mail carriers, who are allowed by law to carry weapons specifically designed to bring harm and/or injury to a dog. What's that all about?


Lily the Beagle 4:13 PM  

Bogey - I seriously recommend thesuperficial.com for all of your celebrity news. Just don't open at work... it's naughty. You can find a link on my blog, too!

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