October 15, 2006

Our little barnyard...


Big Sis 8:12 AM  

The barnyard looks great! You're quite the talented Dog! As always, I enjoy your commentary.

Lily the Beagle 11:25 AM  

Now Bogie, I think you need to give some props to your interior designer and all around handywoman, Dee Finley. Peace out.

Lily the Beagle 11:33 AM  

I have to apologize, Bogart. You did indeed give Dee props for her excellent work in the nursery. (As usual, I was just looking at the pictures and trying to mask the fact that I can't actually read.)I think you should also show off the new master suite where Linda will undoubtedly be lounging and eating bonbons for the next three months. I am back to my unending search for the perfect German beer... the sacrifices I make!!

remmy & sammy's mom 4:52 PM  

Bogart, I'm concerned that I was given a bit too much credit for the off-limits room. My only role was to be a pest and make your mom decide where to put stuff, then hang it up. I am responsible, however, for telling your parents about an episode of the "Dog Whisperer" where they made the baby the smallest pack leader. You may hate me for that one day. Also, while Julie was a bit "fragile" on our last domestic day, she is a great painter and deserves credit for the even coats. By the way, tell your dad we're sorry we never help him.

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