December 10, 2006

14 more shopping days 'til Christmas...

...and five (5) more days until Stew leaves his job. His last day peddling high quality furniture at a modest price is Friday. And, in early January after Linda goes back to work, Stew will offically change his title to Primary Care Giver. The other day I heard Stew say, "I seem to get mixed reactions from people when I tell them I'm planning to stay at home with Claire... most guys tell me that I'm their hero while the ladies typically want to know what Linda does for a living." Heck, we'd all like to know what Linda does for a living at United Health Care. We just know that she does it well because they keep telling her that she's doing well at whatever it is that she's doing... and that she should keep doing it. Stew just tells people that he thinks she's Director of Something, but he really has no idea of what the something is. For all we know, Linda could be living a double-life as a CIA operative. Then again, how many CIA operatives do you know that are deathly afraid of clowns? I dare guess the answer is "none", so let's drop the topic of Linda's vocation and move on to something more interesting... such as strapping fake antlers to my head for the family Christmas photo. That's right, today was Photo Day at the Stewart house. If this little project goes like most of our projects around here, then family and friends should receive our first-ever Christmas photo card sometime in mid-March. And, if you've never received our annual Stewart Family Barker newsletter, then feel free to email your contact info to me at to be added to our mailing list... which means we should probably actually start an official mailing list. Sounds like a job for a Director of Something...


Anonymous 10:51 AM  

Brett, are you officially really quitting KI/Healy???? call me to catch up......cbump

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