December 19, 2006

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend...

He's a warm hearted person who'll love me till the end.

People let me tell you 'bout him he's so much fun, whether we're barkin' at the squirrels or at the dog park for a run.
Cause he's my best friend... Yes, he's my best friend.
They say man's best friend is his dog, but they never tell you who the dog's best friend is. Well, in my case, my best friend in the whole world is Ole Erickson (pictured here with his lovable mommy, Susan... quite possibly the nicest person in the world). No offense to Stew. I mean, he's right up there on my Best Friend List. He's always the first guy I go to whenever I need to alarm somebody that the mailman is approaching the house. But Ole is my bud. My comrade. My chum. That's why I was so concerned when I heard that he was missing Friday evening after Susan was hit by a car while walking Ole (learn about the crazy story here So, not only was my best friend missing, but one of our family's nearest and dearest friends was also hurt in the terrible accident. Many people helped look for Ole, and a bunch of Susan's friends even posted "LOST DOG" signs throughout the neighborhood and along the parkway where Susan and Ole walk. Stew used his superior math and logic skills to determine an area where he was sure he'd locate Ole, then he set out Sunday morning on his search (iced mocha in hand, of course). On Sunday night, a couple local news stations ran the story about Ole being lost, and Kermit started getting calls Monday morning from people who had seen Ole running through their neighborhood. And finally, a guy on his way to work saw Ole dart past his SUV and run into some trees/shrubs in the back lot of a local greenhouse/nursery. With the assistance of a tree delivery guy, the two men were able to coax Ole into the back of the SUV. Animal Control was contacted to confirm Ole's identity before Kermit was notified. By 9AM Monday, Ole was reunited with his Papa Kermit ( As it turns out, Ole was found about 8-10 miles from where Stew was searching (Stew's blaming his error in judgement on a faulty protractor). So, while we're all so relieved to have Ole home safe and sound, Susan continues her recovery at the hospital. I'd appreciate if you'd think a good thought or say a prayer for Susan and her family during this time. Susan's an awesome person who is so caring of others, and she should be home with her family. We love you, Susan... get better soon because we miss your hugs!


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