December 21, 2006

"Man's Best Friend" or "Man's Favorite Scapegoat"?

I don't know about you, but I'm getting real sick and tired of dogs getting blamed for the misguided acts of lesser (domesticated) animals. Earlier this year, we learned of a heroic dog that perished in a fire while attempting to save the family cat ( One loyal bloggee (Kermit Erickson) hypothesized that the fire was started by said cat. Although no evidence exists to support this theory, I believe it's both sound and compelling. Today, while surfing the interlink thingamajig (aka Internet) looking for organic cat-flavored doggie treats, I stumbled upon this story - "...ferret, not dog, gnawed off baby toes" ( Am I missing something here? Isn't the ferret related to the skunk? Do people actually keep skunks as pets? Also, is it a coincidence that ferrets are cat-like? I think not. If it acts like a cat, smells like a cat, and is evil like a cat... then it's a cat! This story takes place in the South, so anything is possible. Then again, I was born in Louisiana -- the same state in which this story is set -- and I think I have sense enough NOT to invite a ferret into my home, let alone allow it to roam free and gnaw off Claire's toes! Anyway, people with common sense will agree that there's no better family pet than the dog. Period... end of story. And I'm sorry if this offends all you cat lovers out there, but sometimes the truth can sting. I don't make this stuff up -- I only report it.


Remmy 4:25 PM  

Okay Boggie, I've been patient, but you gotta lighten up man. I'm livin' with a feline here, and he is pissed. There has been hell to pay since you ran that fire story. This cat is huge and mean, and he's taking his anger out on me. I really like chewing on his head, but it's not pretty when you get him all worked up. Back off or I'll give him your address. I'm pretty sure he could take us both.


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