January 03, 2007

Boned by Santa

Contrary to popular belief, I was not a naughty dog this year. Not only did I get a new chew toy from Momma & Stew, but I also got some of Grandma Helen's homemade doggie biscuits (the kinds that make the sky turn orange... yummy!). Plus, Aunt Karen gave me a box of delicious Milkbone biscuits. And, to top it off, Santa brought me some fresh soup bones and a bottle of cinnamon schnapps. Unfortunately, Grandpa Bob nabbed my schnapps before I could get my paws on the bottle... he seems to like his schnapps, so I let it go... 'tis the season, right? A nice thing about being a dog is that you're not expected to get gifts for anyone else. I simply need to put up with the ridiculous costumes that Stew tries to dress me up in. This year, I drew the line at the fake antlers. I wasn't about to allow Stew to dress me up like an elf, although the little green tights made me feel sexy.

Just before Christmas, some guys showed up with a huge jogging machine that they set up in the basement. It makes a funny sound whenever Momma runs on it, which she seems to enjoy doing quite frequently. Stew, on the other hand, prefers to curse at it whenever Momma isn't around. And one day when Stew was running upstairs to get a second helping of brownies and ice cream, he stubbed his toe on the big jogging machine. Let's just say the language I heard spewing from his mouth was enough to make a Pit Bull blush (for those who don't know it, the Pit Bull in the dog community is the equivalent of a sailor in your human world). I haven't seen Stew go near the machine since, but I can confirm he still likes to run upstairs for second helpings of goodies... he's just a little more careful about it now.
From my family to yours, we hope you had a merry little Christmas!


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