February 07, 2007

Excuse me, but do you have the time?

Well, today started out splendidly for my folks. Momma has a leadership conference in Tucson, so she set the alarm clock for five o'clock in order to make it to the airport on time. At 6:30am, she shot out of bed while uttering some sort of profanity (she didn't really curse, but it adds flavor to the story). It turns out the alarm WAS set for 5:00...PM. A "new alarm clock" is on momma and Stew's list of stuff to buy, but they've just not gotten around to it. Perhaps this will spur them on to get movin' on a new clock. The good part is that Stew & Claire got momma to the airport in time for her flight. I was not allowed to go along because I apparently shed too much, and Stew didn't want to get the car messy. Following this logic, Stew shouldn't be allowed to sit on any of our furniture because of his disgusting eczema problem. The guy's a leper, and he has some nerve discriminating against me because I happen to lose my hair from time to time.

In other news, more photos were uploaded to both Claire's and my photo albums (click the My Pictures link to the right to view 'em). Plus, I added a short video of Claire drinking prune juice. And by drinking, I mean juice spills out of her mouth as she looks like she's about to vomit. Jimmy Buffett music can be heard playing in the background, but Stew is not an official Parrothead (one who follows the musings of Jimmy Buffett). Nonetheless, he still walks around the house all day wearing flip-flops and cut-off shorts.

As stated in previous posts, we had visitors this past weekend. Not only did Veronica, Matt, Theo and Tucker come to visit, but Michelle, Pete and Naiya stopped by on Sunday. Here's a picture of Peter Karl (the man with two first names) holding Claire. Plus, we had a birthday brunch for Aunt Karen on Sunday. The humans dined on huevos rancheros and other Mexican cuisine, while us canines were stuck scavenging for scraps that fell from the counter during food prep. Note to self: Do not eat any green items being chopped by Stew that fall to the kitchen floor -- those jalapeno peppers were hot! On Saturday night, the humans headed over to Susan & Kermit's place for homemade soup prepared by Matt. Susan was released from the medical center on Friday, plus it was her birthday weekend, so everyone went over to her house to welcome her home and wish her a happy birthday. Speaking of happy, here's a picture of Matt fondling Linda. She has a pinched nerve or something in her neck (or so she claims), and she doesn't especially like how Stew whines while he massages her. So, in her own hurtful way, she deliberately asked Uncle Matt for a neck rub right in front of Stew... adding insult to injury by telling Stew (and the entire room) "...I don't like how you do it." We all assumed she meant his neck-rubbing technique, and we'll just leave it at that. The photo was purposely distorted with a reddish hue to signify Stew's rage as he looked through the camera lense. He's always calling Uncle Matt a "Nancy Boy" or just plain "Nancy", while Matt refers to Stew as "Alice." In my estimation, Nancy kicked Alice's ass on this day. Personally, I'm quite fond of Uncle Matt (or Aunt Nancy), so I'm posting a photo of him and Claire relaxing on the sofa. I was feeling a bit neglected, so I decided to jump into the shot. I hope you don't mind. Anyway, I'm missing Oprah, so I'll bark at you later.


Anonymous 7:37 AM  

I figured Claire would be Stew and Linda's new alarm clock!

Bogart 10:35 AM  

Claire cannot be trusted for a 5AM wake-up call. She's much better at hitting 7:30AM. I, on the other hand, usually groan at 5:30AM because I need to be let outside to pee. I don't know why they just don't build me a doggie door so I can let myself out.

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