February 09, 2007

Through Daddy's eyes

Claire reminds me more of Stew each day. Not only does she have his big, blackish-blue eyes, but she's also fond of the bottle. I just hope she outgrows the bottle phase and doesn't morph into a nearly 40 year old "adult" with no job who sits at a computer all day wearing nothing but his... er, I mean HER underwear pretending to be a dog. But, we all think there's still hope for Claire. Momma and Stew have plans to teach Claire that she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up. They'll teach her about setting goals, working hard, being kind and fair to others (like that will help her in the real world), and staying focused to be the best she can be. She won't be limited to stereotypical female roles (i.e., meter maid), and she'll be taught that she can grow up to be a doctor, lawyer or -- god forbid -- a female astronaut. Claire already has the wearing diapers thing down. Plus, Stew has a ton of experience he can pass along to Claire about psychotic relationships (experience Stew obtained prior to his meeting Linda, of course). Many a night Stew spent throwing on a wig and trenchcoat before jumping in his car to go stalk a former girlfriend he suspected of cheating on him. Oh, to be young and in love with trashy girlfriends. Luckily for Stew, Linda took great pity on him and taught him about trust, friendship and how stalking is a bad thing... especially when you're carrying a steel mallet.

Anyway, Momma comes home from Tucson today, so Stew has us all doing chores. So, I gotta go scrub the toilet. In the meantime, it's been a while since I've posted the results of Stew's weight-loss program. Here's the latest, complete with a breakdown of what he actually plans to accomplish:

Day #10: net loss of 4.5 lbs
Starting weight: 215 lbs
Current weight: 210.5 lbs
Goal weight: 195 lbs
Timeframe to accomplish: Stew will set no such timetable...


Anonymous 12:35 PM  

Bogart- I understand your disapproval of stalking. But I was wondering if cyber-stalking is ok? I've never met your family, but we have a mutual friend. You should know that we live parallel lives. My dad stayed at home with the kids at our house too. And I've heard one of them use the sentence "my husband will stay home with the kids." So be assured that having a dad home with the kids is a great thing. Please be sure to remember that Claire's momma should always come home to a clean house and a healthy meal on the table. She shouldn't have to do laundry either. My mom thinks that house-husbands in the oughts have to make up for what the house wives in teh 50's put up with. (Truth be told, she's a little nutty).

Don't judge me because I'm a feline, Lexie Cook

Anonymous 6:13 PM  

I have been meaning to tell you about my "friend" Lexie. Honestly, cats can't read, but her mom is completely obsessed with your blog. I should have warned you that having no life of her own, Julie really just relays stories about one group of friends to her other group of friends and vice versa. (Ask Linda to verify this.)Anywho... I have turned a whole group of folks onto your blog... they all think Claire's gorgeous, Bogey's witty, and Stew should wear pants around the house.

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