February 13, 2007

Hippity, Hoppity... Easter's on its way

... and Claire has a new hippity-hopping machine. She's joining the household in our "get fit" efforts. Speaking of which, this weekend Linda threw down the gauntlet and challenged Stew to a weightloss contest. The official contest weigh-in occurred on Sunday morning, and both participants are to lose a minimum of 10% of their body weight over a 16-week period. Stew's a little angered by the fact that this means he has to lose more than his original 20 lbs goal, plus his weightloss target under the new rules is much higher than Linda's. Irregardless (I love this non-word), Stew is up to the challenge and has already started talking smack... which means he has no chance whatsoever of prevailing. He might have had half a chance if he'd just kept his trap shut, but no such luck...

Well, Claire's yelling "feed me you silly mutt," so I'll close for now.


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