February 06, 2007

Super Bored Sunday

It was a crazy weekend, but I was finally able to get some peace and quiet Sunday afternoon. We had lots of good friends visit, so I'm a bit tuckered out so to speak... but more on that later. In the meantime, did you catch Puppy Bowl III on the Animal Channel Sunday afternoon (http://animal.discovery.com/convergence/puppybowl/puppybowl.html)? It aired during the not-so-exciting Super Bowl. My favorite player was Jackson, a bad-ass 10-week old Golden Retriever. He reminded me of myself when I was that age as he put some serious hurt on Jacky, the Pomeranian. I loved it... mainly because I have a hard time liking a dog (Jacky) that looks more like a fur-ball than an actual dog. Plus, those little showdogs tend to yip! yip! yip! all the time, which I can do without. In my humble opinion, these types of dogs are just a couple steps above cats on the evolution ladder (and below cats if the little dogs actually travel inside a Louis Vuitton handbag). Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch too much of Puppy Bowl III because Stew was more interested in the Ghost Hunters marathon on the SciFi Channel (http://www.scifi.com/ghosthunters/). Stew's been obsessed with ghosts ever since - when he was in the 7th grade - he saw a ghost on Halloween night. He was walking home from a friend's house after a night of trick-or-treating (and throwing tomatoes at cars). When he was about a 1/2 block from his house, Stew saw a figure walking toward him on the sidewalk. The figure appeared to be dressed as a shepherd, which struck Stew as an odd choice for a Halloween costume. Anyway, based on Stew's walking speed, he expected to meet the figure as they passed under the lone street light just south of Stew's house. As he does to this day, Stew looked downward for just a few seconds while he walked, looking up when he got to the street light so he could say "nice shaft" to the shepherd as they passed each other. But, the shepherd was nowhere in sight, and there was no place he could have gone without Stew seeing him. So, after peeing in his pants a little, Stew ran home like a little girl. And if running like a little girl means that Stew ran like Linda, then I can only assume Stew was running with his arms flailing from side-to-side and that he fell down while running up the steps to the door (you see, Linda's somewhat clumsy and is the only person we know who can break an ankle walking into a movie theatre). Actually, to be honest, Linda's running form is normal... this was just something we in the bloggesphere industry call "fill" when you don't really have a good ending to a story. You just fill in with nonsense and move on to the next topic...

Anyway, other than Sunday afternoon and evening, we had an action-packed weekend. It was a party train of sorts... and everybody climbed aboard! First off, I got to meet my new cousin from Fargo, Tucker, a little Dachshund. All my life I assumed wiener dogs are called "wiener dogs" because they look a lot like furry wieners. But, after this weekend, I know the true meaning. I've seen enough of Tucker's little red rocket to last me a lifetime. And the picture to the right gives a new (disturbing) meaning to the phrase "biting the pillow." The image, which is seared into my memory, shows Tucker expressing his brotherly love upon Theo (thankfully, they are not biological brothers). If you choose to look closely, you can see that there's no hiding Tucker's aforementioned rocket. And, the picture to the left shows how I spent 99% of my weekend. Apparently, I'm irresistable to the wiener dog. The other 1% of my weekend was spent batting Tucker around the house with my paw while Theo barked at me, threatening to bite off my nose if I harmed his little brother. Regardless of how it sounds, I rather enjoyed my time with my little Fargo cousins. A lot more happened than I can write about now. It's time to feed Claire, so I'll close for now. But, stay tuned for more photos of Claire tomorrow...


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