February 02, 2007

Mr. Clean

Today is Cleaning Day around here. The house is a mess, and Aunt Veronica & Uncle Matt are coming from Fargo for a visit. Rumor has it that they just want to hold Claire, but I'm sure they want to see me, too. They have two little adopted wiener dogs, Theo and Tucker. Tucker is still a puppy and is the newest member of the clan. And, just like his older brother, Tucker apparently likes to hump anything that moves... moreso than Theo does... which I find hard to believe. Regardless, I plan to put a smackdown on either wiener that ventures near my privates. Theo has small dog syndrome, so he likes to act dangerous around me. I respect him because he's just proud of his roots. We both had hard lives in the beginning, but we're survivors. Speaking of Theo, I've also hid every squeaky toy that I own because he'll destroy them within 30 seconds. He has a powerful little grip and a very hateful attitude toward all things that squeak. I feel the same way about brooms, so I'm off to hide in the basement until Stew finishes sweeping the floors. Have a fabulous weekend. I'll let you know if I end up eating hotdogs...

And I almost forgot...
Results of Day #3 of Stew's weight-loss program: + 1.5 lbs net gain
There are no brownies or cookies in the house, so I'm not worried about Stew... yet.


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