March 13, 2007

Help Wanted: Need to reset baby's internal clock

Claire is having a tough time grasping the whole daylight savings time thing. Here she is just waking up. Since she's smiling, I don't think she realizes that she's already missed her favorite show - Live with Regis & Kelly minus Regis, who is having heart surgery... good luck, Regis (since Stew has a crush on Kelly, he's sending videos to ABC in the event Regis' surgery doesn't go well and Kelly needs a new co-host... I'll keep you posted). Since the time change, Claire is starting to stay up later and sleep in longer, and I think she's morphing into a small likeness of her papa. I fear her belly will soon match Stew's and become large and bloated (and god forbid that it sprouts hair, too). So far, I've been able to keep Claire away from late night Fox News (aka "Fox Noise") shows, such as Hannity & Colmes. Speaking of which, what is the purpose of Alan Colmes on that show? What a hard-hitting journalist he is (not). I can't figure out if he's supposed to be the "fair" or "balanced" part of the show. Regardless, I think he's a cyborg created in Rupert Murdoch's dungeon. On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - where all enlightened Americans go for real news - Jon refers to the show as Hannity and Whatever, and I'm inclined to agree. They should just prop up an Easter Bunny pinata in Colmes' chair and they'd get the same results. Anyway, now that Claire stays up later than I do, I'm not sure I can always keep an eye on her and what she's watching. I think she just bounces around in her Jumperoo instead of watching TV anyway.

This morning, Momma is flying out east for work... Baltimore, I think. I probably should have confirmed her itinerary prior to her departure, but I had my morning squirrel patrol to tend to in the backyard... so, she was unable to attend my morning briefing. About a week ago, the entire backyard was under a foot or more of snow, so I had to create my own corridors in order to complete my patrols. Now, it's just a sloppy mess of mud, snow and doggie doo. I'll leave you with some visuals... watch your step!


Anonymous 4:01 PM  

We've had the same sleeping issue at our house. With infants, sometimes it works to go in 15 minute intervals - go to bed 15 minutes earlier, and then as soon as that works, go another 15 minutes.
At least that's how my people did it. Mainly I was disappointed because they'd close the door at night, so I couldn't climb into their cribs and take their breath away...


Bogart 8:02 AM  


Thanks for the advice. Your comment was helpful yet still had an evil feline twist at the end... as I would expect. Regardless, I shall pass this info along to the adult humans responsible for care giving. Speaking of which, where the heck is my breakfast?


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