March 14, 2007

Pro-crastinator for hire!

Since Momma returns from "out east" today, Stew is freaking out because we didn't do any chores yesterday. So, we have lots of cleaning to do today. Plus, with March Madness starting Thursday morning, we need to go fax Stew's NCAA basketball tournament pool picks to Stew's respective bookies. Stew's all excited because he thinks this could be his year. For those who follow March Madness with the same intensity as Stew, do yourself a favor and choose GEORGETOWN to win it all!

The other day, I found the following marketing piece for a company Stew is interested in joining. He's working on a job application now and expects to send it in later today... or possibly tomorrow... and if not tomorrow, then for sure by the end of next week.And if Stew can't get a job here, then he plans to start his own small company in the U.S. and play off the "Buy American" and anti-outsourcing theme: Why pay an Indian (dots not feathers) named "Glen" to do your procrastinating when you can hire a "real" American named "Stew"? At TwoDogs Procrastinatin', we're not indifferent to your indolence. We have more than 35 years of solid dawdling skills to offer. So, when you want to drag your feet but just don't have the time, call TwoDogs Procrastinatin'! [all inquiries will receive a response within 10-15 business days]

Since I'm feeling lazy (again) today, I'll leave you with a couple clips from last night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart...

The Democratic plan for strategic removal (of our troops in Iraq, that is):
This one actually angers me, but I still find it quite humorous:
And to be fair and/or balanced, here's one from The Colbert Report for the Republicans:


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