March 15, 2007

Et tu, Bob?

Beware the Ides of March... and since today is officially the ides of March (March 15th for those not keeping track), I thought it fitting to expose the latest in a series of attempts to sabotage Stew in the Chubby Challenge. You might recall this story from a few weeks ago (, which refers to Linda's attempt to bamboozle Stew into eating several pounds of brownies by exploiting his obsessive compulsive disorder (i.e., his need to maintain straight rows in the brownie pan... see the previous story if this doesn't make sense). Well, it seems Linda is now employing her entire family in her sick, twisted conspiracy scheme... and I've got more photographic evidence. The latest incident took place a couple weekends back when Grandpa Bob and Grandma Helen were here to visit. It happened to be Grandpa Bob's birthday weekend, so Aunt Karen decided to bake a German chocolate cake to commemorate the event. And while Stew's not overly fond of Germans, he is fanatical about their chocolate cake... and this is no secret to Linda. In fact, Linda volunteered to keep the leftover cake at our house, and I don't recall seeing her eat a single piece. Instead, Stew devoured the entire remaining cake on his own. So, here's the aforementioned photographic evidence. I can't believe Grandpa Bob went along with this plan. And I submit to you, the jury, that Linda and the entire Thullner family conspired to hoodwink Stew with chocolate. No wonder the poor fella has gained weight since the Chubby Challenge began, and I think Linda and her family should be ashamed of themselves.

In other news, March Madness tips-off in 36 minutes. So, I've got to go position my doggie bed in front of the big TV downstairs. And for those of you still filling out your office pool, just remember: Go Georgetown Hoyas! As you all know, "Hoya" refers to any plant of the genus Hoya having fleshy leaves and usually nectariferous flowers. Therefore, it's only obvious that the team mascot is a bulldog.

For additional assistance with your office pool, here's some advice from Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report:


Anonymous 1:37 PM  

Just to be clear about Bob's birthday. (He got to choose his birthday cake and decided not to transport it back to SD. As I recall Stew didn't put up a fuss when Linda decided to keep the rest of the cake.) I also made chocolate chip cookies for Stew and lemon drop cookies for Linda. I wanted to be fair in regards to the "Chubby Challenge".
Auntie Karen

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