March 01, 2007

We got the beet!

That's right... it's Thursday... and time for another episode of The Office featuring my hero, Dwight Schrute. In honor of Dwight, Claire is wearing a Schrute Farms t-shirt she recently purchased. We're hoping she grows into it. As some might know, Dwight and his cousin (Mose) raise beets on the farm they inherited from their grandfather. Remember this quote from a previous post:

Dwight Schrute: "Actually, I do own property. My grandfather left me a 60-acre working beet farm. I run it with my cousin, Mose. We sell beets to the local stores and restaurants. It’s a nice little farm...sometimes teenagers use it for sex."

Anyway, it appears we are out of milk, and a blizzard is on its way. So, I'm supposed to patrol the house until Stew and Claire return from the grocery store. Recently, Stew started allowing me the run of the house while I'm home alone (except for the nursery... he closes the door so I can't go in and read Claire's books). Apparently, Stew and Linda thought I'd crap all over the house if I weren't locked inside the little 10' x 10' room they call their "office." I pooped inside the house once after living here only a couple weeks, but that Stew really carries a grudge...


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