April 20, 2007

I can't believe I ate the whoooooole thing

Here's a picture of Claire after her morning bottle. She'll be out for about 30 minutes or so, then she'll be ready to play. As you can see, she has her papa's shiny red nose. Stew's worried that she's going to have his crooked teeth, as well... but we'll see. In the meantime, I thought I'd post her picture and update you on yesterday's water hazard in the basement. Stew shocked me by actually resolving the issue within 12 hours... but it was close.

Stew is now able to pump his (HVAC) unit all day and night with the new Frotec condensation removal pump he purchased at Home Depot. Unfortunately, about 12 gallons of water spilled onto the basement floor before the pump was installed and properly working. Apparently, the bypass lines were clogged due to hard water build-up, plus the fetzer valve was stuck. Of course, these were the last things Stew checked last night after whining all day about the new pump not working properly. The good thing is that the floors are concrete where this problem occurred. No carpeting was damaged in the water attack.

However, I encountered yet another nemesis yesterday... the dreaded Shop Vac. I haven't seen this badboy since Stew was throwing up drywall in the basement when I was just a puppy. The Shop Vac is the Sherman Tank of the cleaning equipment army. While it has no fancy gadgets or Inteli-Clean Systems it can use for tracking me, the Shop Vac is still a worthy advisary. Besides its loud roar, what scares me the most about this evil doggie slayer is the drowning tub concealed within its bowels! As you can see from the diagram on the left that I recently obtained through an unidentifiable source, the Shop Vac uses its Doggie Identification Removal Trap (DIRT) to draw in its prey. Once the DIRT has ahold of you, you're sent into "the death bucket". Depending on how the machine is being utilized against you, you will either find yourself in a chamber full of drywall dust or, worse yet, a pool of dirty water. Either way, certain death is imminent. Luckily, I survived the Shop Vac's onslaught yesterday. In fact, I simply chewed on a doggie bone upstairs while the Shop Vac was roaring away in the basement. Since the Shop Vac is less mobile, I have never seen it make its way upstairs. Then again, maybe it's lulling me into a carefree state before it unleashes its upstairs assault. That said, I'd better make another round through the house to check on the Shop Vac's whereabouts.

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