April 26, 2007

I'm mad as heck, and I'm not gonna to take it anymore!

Momma's out running errands, so Stew and I hopped on the Internet. We missed a PBS special last night that we wanted to see, so we watched it online and posted it below. Unfortunately for all of you, the PBS special enraged us. So, no humor today... except for the picture of the cat stuck in the refrigerator that Stew received from his brother, my Uncle Brad. We think it's hilarious! So, enjoy the information below and draw your own conclusions. I think you all know where I stand by now. NO NEED TO READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE 28% OF AMERICANS WHO APPROVES OF DUBYA AND HIS ADMINISTRATION (except for the PBS report... it might enlighten you as to how the "war" was sold to us). Consider yourself warned...

Bill Moyers had a special on PBS last night that EVERYONE, regardless of political affiliation, needs to see. It's called "Buying the War", and it's eye-opening in terms of how the mainstream media is being used nowadays to sell political agendas. In the last year, I've read several articles, reports and speeches by Bill Moyers criticizing the mainstream media for a lack of true journalism which, ultimately, has lead largely to a failure of the American public to know the true facts about important issues facing us today. In my humble opinion, independent journalists are the only (possibly) legitimate news sources we have left. Fox News is the biggest joke, seemingly taking talking points directly from the White House and calling it "news"... CNN and the like are nearly as unreliable and biased. If cable news is your main news source, then you are not getting the real facts... and network news is not much better. To the cable and network news channels, ratings equal revenue. If it bleeds, it leads! PBS and independent news sources are the most reliable sources available to us. If you didn't happen to catch Bill Moyers' special on PBS last night, then PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch it in its entirety. It's well worth the time, and if it doesn't make you angry, then I suggest you continue watching your cable news shows, absorbing their biased rhetoric like a sponge, and keeping your head buried in the sand of deception:

This is the guy Stew wanted for President in 2000 (Senator John McCain). Instead, Stew decided to vote for Bush... and he wants me to tell you all that he's REALLY sorry, and he didn't make the same mistake in 2004. Anyway, remember McCain's Straight-talk Express from the 2000 election campaign? Well, the Express is apparently back, except it seems to have a problem pulling way over to the right nowadays (and driving in circles). In this clip, Jon Stewart discusses the Iraq civil war, the ridiculous right-wing talking points (their fear campaign), plus the definition of "troop support" with Senator McCain:

In response to Rudy Giuliani's comments at a Lincoln Day Dinner in New Hampshire last night (where he basically states electing a Democrat for President in '08 guarantees more terrorist attacks), Keith Olbermann released a rant on his MSNBC talk show. Some of it is just that - a rant. Yet, despite his left-leaning political stance, I think he still makes some good points [toward the middle and end of the clip] about the hypocrisy of Giuliani's comments (Dick Cheney should listen to this, as well). Like me, you might find the rant a little over-the-top. But, if you are just as sick as I am about the terror-mongering talking-points of an administration that has put us in more danger than we ever were before, then you'll agree that Olbermann makes some valid points. And, if you're an Independent like me (or an EX-CONservative like Stew), then you'll simply continue longing for a viable 3rd Party candidate and an end to the partisan rhetoric that continues to cripple America. And, no, I'm not talking about Jesse Ventura or Joe Lieberman. How about Bill Moyers?


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