April 27, 2007

A solid attempt at solids

Claire had her first taste of solid food today when Momma fed her rice cereal. And let's just say things didn't go well. It appears Claire prefers a bottle of milk over a bowl of cereal. Momma even attempted a feeding technique where she tried to convince Claire that the spoonful of cereal was actually an airplane and that Claire's mouth is a hangar in which the airplane must land. It seemed to be working up until the point where Stew started swatting the spoon out of Momma's hand and beating his chest while shouting "I'm King Kong! Grrrrrrr!" Momma then changed the spoon from an airplane into a buzzing bee, but Stew still swiped it out of her hand while crying, "Stop that! You know I'm afraid of bees!" So, Stew even tried to help out by showing Claire how to eat out of a bowl using a spoon (except Stew's bowl contained a piece of blueberry cream pie). After five bowls of pie, Stew stopped trying to help and ran off toward the bathroom. Upon his return, Stew called in the big dog - that's right, yours truly. Stew started feeding me pie out of the bowl so Claire could learn my technique. Unfortunately, she doesn't have my licking prowess, so this method didn't work either. Eventually, Momma fed Claire a bottle, and we decided we'll try again tonite. We also have a chair in which we can strap Claire for feeding purposes, so we'll give that a try, as well.

In the meantime, here are some video clips I find humorous... enjoy your weekend and watch out for rogue vacuum cleaners!

Reno 911 clip... mount up!

More evidence showing why you should avoid all cable news networks (compliments of Jon Stewart):

Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that evangelist, Pat Robertson, owns a law school and that more than 150 graduates of his (Tier 4) law school have been hired by the current administration (including the former Senior Counsel to Attorney General Ali G)? This must be what Dubya means by a "faith-based initiative":


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