August 03, 2007

It was a bad week

Unless you live in a tree and throw acorns and twigs at my head whenever I'm outside, you undoubtedly know tragedy has hit Minneapolis with the recent collapse of the I-35W bridge. So far, our family hasn't been affected in that we don't know of anyone who has died or is considered to be missing (as far as we know). Regardless, it's a horrific event, and I hope my readers do not have any friends or family affected either.

Apparently the story's been running on the cable news channels (Bogart says with a hint of sarcasm in his voice). I knew the 24-hour news media would attack this story with the same ferver they did when Anna Nicole Smith was the train-wreck-of-the-day (for about 124 mind-numbing consecutive days). Today, they are all trying to figure out who to blame. Dubya and his Press Secretary, Tony Snowjob, have already made it clear that it's not a federal issue. I wonder how long it will be before Pat Robertson goes on his 700 Club television show and blames the bridge failure on Minneapolis being a gay-friendly community?

So, when I'm not busy chasing Claire around upstairs, I've spent my time watching newscasters report the latest updates... followed by the next newscaster ON THE SAME STATION repeating what the last eight or nine newscasters before them just reported. Adding insult to injury, I hear Dubya is enroute to the scene... because he makes such sound decisions in a crisis??? I'm not sure why he's coming... perhaps for some "political theatre", a term this White House likes to throw around daily. Hopefully, he's not coming to tell anyone that they're doing "a helluva job". If he is, that person best put their resume together now.

Another big tragedy for our house this week was news that Kevin "The Big Ticket" Garnett has been traded to the Boston Celtics for a slew of mediocre players, one "promising" player, and a couple future draft picks. So, the Timberwolves traded away their franchise player for the HOPE that - in a few years - the team will be... back in the same position as it is today? Does this make sense? Yes, if you are Kevin McHale, VP of Basketball Operations for the Timberwolves. A Hall-of-Fame player... but likely the worst executive ever. Wait... make that the second worst executive. I almost forgot about Dubya the Decider. Hopefully, McHale will prove me wrong, but I've long since given up on Bush.

The only good thing is that KG didn't go to the LA Lakers, a team Stew would NEVER be able to cheer for. So, it looks like we're a Celtics household until further notice... Good luck, KG... You deserve a championship ring, now go fetch it!


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