August 06, 2007

Momma's at it again...

On Saturday, Momma ran another half-marathon, and all of us here are super proud of her. Way to go, Momma! Her second ever half-marathon, the 2007 Urban Wildland Half Marathon took place here in Minneapolis (there was also a 5K, but Momma doesn't have time for those "piddly" races). You can view race results at if you'd like. Momma's pace was just under an 11 minute mile, which is pretty good for 13+ miles. It's my understanding you are required to run them consecutively within the same day. No splitting up the miles over the entire weekend. The farthest I ever ran at one time was about three miles, and I thought my legs were gonna fall off... that is, if I didn't trip over my tongue first. Luckily for Momma, it wasn't raining on Saturday morning nor was it over 90 degrees. While Momma was running, the rest of us were home in bed asleep. We all went downstairs to feed Claire and watch Meet the Press at 9:00AM. At 9:01AM, Stew started cursing and babbling something about "where the heck is Russ?" (referring to Tim Russert, host of Meet the Press) before he realized it was Saturday morning (and Meet the Press is on SUNDAY morning). Ever since he's been staying home with Claire and me, Stew's lost track of time... and his mind.

Anyway, Momma is actually training for the Twin Cities Marathon - The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America. She'll be running this marathon on Sunday, October 7th, along with her running buddies, Bev and Karen (the two gals who also ran the half-marathons and some 10K's with Momma). Stew and Claire are planning to go cheer on Momma in October, but Stew won't allow me to tag along for fear that I'll "shame the name." Like he should talk. He's done more to damage the good Stewart name than any other Stewart I know. But despite having Stew as her Papa, I don't suspect Claire will ever shame the name because she's just so darned cute! Here she is in a little outfit from Grandma Stewart. Claire has given notice that she refuses to wear hats stating they [quote] "mess up my hairs!" So, she agreed to hold the hat for this photo. I hope to post more movies of Claire now that I figured out how to use the camcorder. Previous movies on this blog were taken via a 35mm camera, so those movies came through real dark. Any future clips will be much better...

Until then, I want to plug MY new movie, Underdog (now showing in a theatre near you). I don't want to mislead you. I am not the lead actor. Shoeshine Boy/Underdog is played by my new pal, Leo, the Lemon Beagle. However, I am his stunt double. I do all the flying and other stunts in the movie. Here's a close up of me flying through downtown Minneapolis earlier this spring when I was preparing for the film. My dream is to get into actual acting, but I need to make a name for myself somehow... so, I'm getting into films as a stunt dog. From here, the skies the limit!


Anonymous 2:22 PM  

Last evening, I attended the John Hiatt concert at the MN Zoo. It was terrific. Anyway, he started out by referring to a book of poetry written by dogs. Do you have this? Have you read it? Also, did you know that his dogs assist in writing most of his songs? (There are several dog references in his music.) I thought you might want to check into some of his lyrics or contact him regarding some of your writings. I am sure that his dogs would be very interested in hearing from you.
Aunt Karen

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