November 28, 2007

Hart to Hart time

It's time for a heart to heart discussion... albeit one-sided as you are not allowed to comment until you hear my entire rambling. Even then, you likely won't comment since there are only 3-4 out of you half dozen readers that actually post comments. Regardless, due to the fact I've just been informed that I'm responsible for The Stewart Family Barker (our family's Christmas newsletter), I'm going to need to scale back on my blog postings until the newsletter is complete. I also have another blog I promised to launch soon, and I really haven't done much to get it off the ground (other than writing about it occasionally). All this combined with my insane need to find out if Belle is REALLY going to cheat on Shawn with Philip, plus learn WHO shot E.J. Wells (on my story, Days of Our Lives), time is a luxury I really don't enjoy. Oh, and there's the whole taking care of Claire thing. But, I'll keep the digital camera handy for photo updates of Claire as often as possible. And by February or March, I'm sure the writers of Days will finally reveal E.J.'s actual shooter(s)... and I'll be happy to share this info with y'all if need be.

In the meantime.... Mike Rios, faithful bloggee and fellow stay-at-home DAWG, recently wrote "Guess what? I've got a fever! And the only prescription... is more hand-crafted rug action!" Okay, so those weren't his actual words, but that's what I heard when I read his comment yesterday. So, I'll be doing myself a disservice - and every member of my family - if I don't promote the hell out of these rugs. Heartland Hand-Crafted Rugs started making rugs in 2002. Most rugs are made of recycled fabrics. The designers, Helen and Darlene, can make a variety of sizes (maximum width is 36 inches; standard width is 27-28 inches). Some lengths vary according to fabric type and color. For a truly one-of-a-kind rug, contact Helen to request a custom-made design of your choice in the fabric of your liking. If they can wrap it on a loom, then they can make it into a rug. I've got my Christmas request in for a feral cat rug, and I cannot wait! And, I give you my personal assurance the rugs are dog-chew-proof... and they'd make a lovely Christmas gift for that special someone in your life. In other words, PLEASE BUY SOME RUGS! We use our's at the front door, the back door, the kitchen and as a bathroom mat (it's true... we have just a few of the rugs).

Go HERE and buy a Heartland Hand-Crafted rug (or two). And tell the gals Bogey sent ya. It won't get you jack-squat in terms of a special deal, but it just might earn ME one of Grandma Helen's psychedelic dog biscuits (I call them her Disco Biscuits). I still don't know what she puts in them, but they make me want to Disco dance with a Boxer with George Bush's head attached to its body. Dubya's way more likeable when we're bootin' to KC & the Sunshine Band!


Anonymous 2:40 PM  

I hate to disagree with my pal Bogey, but I personally found Julie's heartland rug to be delicious. Particularly the fringe. I know Julie is hoping to purchase a new orange rug now that I have outgrown my puppy chewing phase. Lily.

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