December 03, 2007

The ABC's of Selling

In case you missed it, I received a comment from my gal pal, Lily the Beagle, after my posting about Grandma Helen's hand-crafted rugs.

Lily the Beagle said...
I hate to disagree with my pal Bogey, but I personally found Julie's heartland rug to be delicious. Particularly the fringe. I know Julie is hoping to purchase a new orange rug now that I have outgrown my puppy chewing phase.


Apparently, Lily has never received sales training from Stew. When Stew was selling high quality furniture at a modest price, you'd never hear him telling a customer "this is an excellent chair as long as you don't sit in it." Even if he knew the chair was crap, his job was to make sure his customer didn't buy someone else's crap. The first rule of sales, which is universally accepted by all sales trainers, is: Always Be Closing (ABC). You need to hear "No... now leave before I call security" three times before even considering walking away from a sale. The second rule, which is universally accepted by all the different personalities inside Stew's head, is: Embellishing the truth is acceptable in order to win a sale. So, when I said the words "I give you my personal assurance the rugs are dog-chew-proof", I did not technically specify from which dog breeds the rugs are safe from being devoured. Furthermore, please note I specifically refrained from using the word "puppy" or "puppy-proof". The rugs in our house our safe (now that I'm not a puppy, that is); therefore, I feel perfectly comfortable and justified in calling these wonderful hand-crafted rugs "dog-chew-proof". Now go HERE and buy some rugs!


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