February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday vs. Taco Tuesday

I've been reading The New York Times and The Washington Post online lately, and it's come to my attention today is known across the country as SUPER TUESDAY. Despite Stew's recent metamorphosis from a Republican into a (left-leaning) Independent, and despite his strong disgust of all things partisan and Bushy, Stew still holds Tuesdays as sacred solely for the Taco John's "Taco Tuesday" promotion (even if today is Super Tuesday). For those not fortunate enough to live near a Taco John's, this is the day you can get two tacos for a special price... back in the day, that price was 99 cents. Unfortunately, we only know of one Taco John's in the entire Minneapolis metro area (in a town called Little Canada, where Stew first lived in a studio apartment - with his futon, TV set, two milk crates, and one case of Budweiser tall boys - when he moved here in 1997). So, Stew's been unable to quench his thirst for bold and beefy, crispy and crunchy Taco John's tacos for quite some time since Little Canada is about a 20 minute drive from here. And don't even get Stew started on his hometown Taco John's Twilight Tacos promotion. Back when Stew and Momma lived in Pierre (SD), there were many a Friday and Saturday night when Stew would convince Rudy, the town's cab driver in the 1990's, to pull through the Taco John's drive-thru after the bars closed at 2AM so Stew could order bags full of tacos and tasty Potato Oles to take home. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you'd mail any Taco John's coupons you have to Stew so maybe he could head over to Little Canada to get a bag of tacos and Potato Oles.

As for Super Tuesday, I hope everyone votes today... or on whatever day your state holds its primary/caucus. Momma, Stew and Claire are heading to our local Independent Precinct Caucus tonite from 7pm - 8pm. They used to be apathetic about voting due to the lack of any decent candidates in the last 15-20 years (sorry Al Gore). But now that the Bush crowd has put the country and economy in the toilet (can we finally agree Reaganomics doesn't work), Momma and Stew are angry and want to at least be part of the process. And I'm not going to tell anyone how to vote, BUT... if you want continued tax cuts for the richest Americans, 100+ more years of occupation in Iraq, even more ultra-conservative judges being appointed to the Supreme Court, and a national debt that will continue to skyrocket out of control due to the amount of money the gov't borrows from other countries (namely Japan and China) to pay for things we can't afford... you might as well vote to perpetuate the Bush legacy by voting Republican. Again, I'm not telling you how to vote. This is just a suggestion from one dog to another.

Since my conservative grandma might have recently returned to reading this blog, I'd better stop ranting now. I'll keep the political nonsense on my other blog. Besides, the first rule of blogging: Do not blog about your political views because nobody cares what you think!

But, hey, I'm just being a patriot by encouraging you to vote...


Mike Rios 10:27 AM  

According to the Taco John's handy dandy store locator on thier web site. You and Stew can find your local Taco John's at the Brookdale mall. Altough you may be limited to the mall's food court hours. And there is no late night drive through. Good luck with your taco adventures!

Bogart 3:22 PM  

Wow! We had no idea there was a Taco Johns so close by. Unfortunately, Momma yelled at a sales clerk at the Brookdale Macy's store last Friday night. She berated the clerk so badly that mall security has now banned our family from ever entering the premises again. Service at this mall sucks, so the tacos are probably bad, too. At least that's what we'll keep telling ourselves to make the taco fix go away sooner. In the meantime, you and Stew should get together sometime so your girls can play. Thanks for your blog support!

Lily the Beagle 12:34 PM  

There is also a Taco John's just north of my place on Silver Lake Road (north of 694). I am sure Linda would be happy to pop in on her way home from work. Nothing tops the Brookings TJs, in my opinion. In fact, the taco bravo is one of my death row food choices.

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