August 08, 2008

The Peter Karl Invitational - 2008 Edition

This weekend, Momma, Claire and Stew are off to luxurious Waubun, MinneSOOOta. Waubun, a community of about 400 people and 52 dogs, is a town in Mahnomen County "up north". The community name derives from the Ojibway Tribe term for "morning" or "east". The latitude of Waubun is 47.180N, and the longitude is -95.938W. It's in the Central Standard time zone, and it's (current) elevation is 1,240 feet above sea level. And, as can be seen on the attached graph, the average snowfall level for August is zero... zilch... notta. Waubun is home to John and Diana Karl and the Peter Karl Invitational -- a lawn golf, disc golf and croquet tournament that is not for the timid (and did I mention there's usually beer involved?). When I think Peter Karl Invitational, I envision Bobby Kennedy chasing his older brother, Jack, across the south lawn of the Kennedy Compound in The Hamptons during a touch football game being played on a warm summer afternoon in the 1950's. But then I'm jolted awake by reality and the image to the left pops into my head. I'm told Uncle Matt has finally trimmed his mullet, Uncle Kermit recently bought a new v-neck t-shirt that is not yet soiled with pork-n-beans juice stains, Uncle Russell was told to wear pants at all times, Uncle Peter has promised to use the indoor bathroom this year (rather than the flower pot next to the patio), and all the "ladies" are required to wear a bra (or tube top) - no exceptions! But all these new rules still don't bring me much comfort. Cue the banjo music...

Anyway, I'm not attending the Peter Karl Invitational this year. Instead, I'm chillin' with my boy, Remmy, at Aunt Dee's (Rosemount) doghouse. I love it here because nobody forgets to feed me, plus I get to play with my favorite black lab buddy. In fact, Remmy's helping me type this post since there's not an opposable thumb between us. But did I mention Sammy the Cat is also here? There's not much I can do about since I'm actually a guest here and, as you can see, he's quite handsome. I like to annoy Sammy by refusing to "flush" after I use his bathroom. He is not amused. Have a nice weekend, y'all!


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