October 02, 2008

Miss Teen South Carolina vs. Joe Blunder

Stew's somewhat technologically challenged, so he asked me to help him use the internet the other day to set up an email account... sort of like how John McCain asks his wife to help him figure out how to use the multiple electronic gate openers for his seven, eight or is it 13 houses (aka "estates")? Anyway, we created an email account for Stew, and he immediately started emailing Aunt Susan & Uncle Kermit about getting together this weekend for fish tacos. Plans were made, but at the last minute Kermit suggested initiating drinking maneuvers in downtown Fargo for the weekend instead of dining on Panko-crusted Tilapia fillets shoved inside corn tortillas. Well, his idea was shot down by both Susan and Stew, then Kermit replied with the following message:

Minnesota shares a small, land-based border with North Dakota. It is from our state that those which are sent out to keep an eye on the geographic center of North America are sent out to do their work. And we need to secure that border, and do trade missions and...and...that means JOBS. If we don't shore up our economy...well then the South Dakotans win. I'm talking about 80% of new jobs being created in the North Dakota drinking sector. And I'm not just gonna stand by, and not do something. So if drinking beer in Fargo punishes Al Qaeda - then count me in. ...and call me "Maverick."

Reading Kermit's response got me thinking about tonight's VP debate. I'm wondering if Governor Palin will continue channeling her inner Miss Teen South Carolina (such as in THIS vidoe clip, such as), or if Senator Joe's foot-in-mouth disease will rear its ugly head. I especially liked it when Joe told a wheelchair-bound state senator from Missouri to "...stand up - let the people see you!" That was classic Joe... which is why I love him. Anyway, I suspect everything will be fine but, like most American dogs, I'm hoping there's some fireworks. I just hope no Gotcha! questions are posed by moderator Gwen Ifill (you know she's from that ultra-left wing PBS, so the Fox News pundits are crapping all over themselves about it). But Katie Couric should be ashamed for having the audacity to ask Gov. Palin what newspapers and magazines she reads to stay informed with current events. I probably wouldn't have answered the question either if all I read is USA Today, US Weekly and Varmint Hunter (yet I seriously doubt I would've babbled incoherently hoping nobody would notice).

Anyway, I'd rather post my politically-leaning blog entries on my other blog, but the publishing software over at WordPress doesn't allow me the ease of posting videos from a variety of sources. So, you'll just have to put up with my political views every now and again on this blog (but I hope to return to posting cute pictures of Claire & Friends tomorrow). In the meantime, I did actually po
st a video at my Wag The Dog Blog today (see it HERE). But before you click the link and head over to the other blog, check out this short video that takes a little peek inside the McCain Campaign as they prepare for the governor's big debate tonite. Enjoy!

And here's a little something my Auntie Karen sent me. I think it's funny, but Stew finds it upsetting... especially since he considers himself to be a former community organizer from his days working with small towns on behalf of the South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development. It's a stretch, but I'll give it to him...


Anonymous 11:28 AM  


Mom, Lily and I watched the debate last night. Lily spent most of the time looking for the cat (get over it!) but GOSH DARN we really had a great time. HECK, it's not every day that JOE SIX-PACK (of dog bones) gets to watch some politics in action.

The day before we all 3 walked to the park and stopped to talk to some SOCCER MOMS about the upcoming election, and GOLLY, they seemed excited.

Mom is really angry at the pretty lady for some reason, but GEE WILLIKERS, she seems like a nice gal to me.

Gotta go, she is chasing me with a rolled-up Obama poster.


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