May 29, 2009

Chasing tail

I don't mean to beat a dead horse by continuing the use of animal-related idioms, but I've been chasing my tail like a bat out of hell all week. Claire's been going ape about being outside, but I finally found some time to sit down and bang out a post. In the future, I will bear down and attempt to post more regularly, but sometimes I think blogging is for the birds... especially when there are plenty of squirrels and bunnies to be chased outside.

Anyway, first things first. I've nominated myself in a "Best Blog" contest (the link is at the top of the column on the right, or you can simply click this cute kitty picture). Now, since I've yet to sell a single blog t-shirt to any of my four faithful bloggees, I'm not really expecting much from any of you. But the least you could do is to go vote for my blog before the end of the year. It's nominated in four categories, so I'm asking you to vote four times. If you do vote for me, there's a good chance absolutely nothing good will happen to you... and nothing cool will appear on your desktop after your fourth vote... and you will not be granted a wish within the hour (unless that wish is, "I wish I could see more of Newt Gingrich spouting nonsense on television."). But you just might get a warm feeling inside for doing something nice for a friend... unless, of course, you had tacos for lunch, in which case the burning feeling could simply be indigestion.

So last weekend, I got to go stay wi
th my pals Aunt Dee (Rosemount) and Remmy the Black Lab. We explored the local bark park while Momma, Stew, Grandma T and Auntie Karen headed south to Rochester for a wedding. I'm told Claire's godfather, Frank, married his fiance`, Margo, and that it was a fabulous celebration. Claire managed to sneak this postcard into their wedding gift:It's also my understanding both Frank and Margo are doctors. Thank goodness Minnesota is a progressive state where doctors are allowed to engage in "opposite marriage". Then again, Minnesota is home to bat-shit crazy congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, so there's a good chance she'll someday introduce a bill to put a stop to these unholy quack unions! Anyway, there were a few other doctors at the wedding who had attended medical school with the bride and groom. So I can just imagine Stew - being a huge fan of the Chevy Chase movie, Fletch - running around the reception introducing himself as "Dr. Rosenpenis". Plus, there was free beer at the reception, so I'm almost certain he did some other things to shame the family name. Well, according to Momma, Stew could easily have been arrested for stalking the wedding photographer. At one point, Momma overheard Stew asking the photographer, "The virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives her to keep on looking... you know what I mean?" At which point the photographer raised her camera and took a photo of Stew, prompting him to ask, "Why did you do that?" She replied, "So that if I turn up missing, the police will know who to talk to first." With that, Stew scurried away to refill his empty beer glass. But before too long, he bumped into Dan, one of the ushers. Literally. He ran right into the guy. They started talking and upon learning Dan is a freelance writer, Stew immediately turned into a smitten schoolgirl (no offense to any schoolgirls out there, smitten or otherwise). You see, it's long been Stew's dream to be a writer. He also wants to be a professional cowboy, but that's for another blog post at another time. Anyway, Dan graciously suggested that Stew send him "some of his stuff". Unfortunately, the only writings I've ever seen of Stew's have been the notes to Momma that he sticks on the bathroom mirror... such as, "I"m sorry for embarrassing you at Frank's wedding" and "I'm sorry for disappointing you last night... again." But, hopefully, Stew will eventually write something to send to Dan. In the meantime, we look forward with great anticipation to the article Dan is writing for the August or September issue of Runner's World (it's an interview he had with Sarah Palin, which might explain why he was so good at understanding the nonsensical babblings coming out of Stew's mouth)!

On Memorial Day, Claire helped Momma dig holes in which to plant some little yellow flowers. And if there was ever any doubt that Claire's been spending too muc
h time alone with Stew, it was erased when at one point she threw down her toy shovel and announced, "My back hurts! I'm done!" Here are a couple photos from the day... the last pic is supposed to show the fat lip and bruised left eye Claire sustained after taking a spill in the driveway... but you have to look closely to see the damage. So enjoy!


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