July 19, 2009

Putting the FUN in funkadelic

Unfortunately, this is not going to be a groovalicious post about how much I love Grandma Helen's homemade psychedelic dog treats (I call them Disco Biscuits because of the way they make me want to really shake my paws... while simultaneously wanting to nap for 36 hours straight). No, I ran out of those delicious biscuits months ago... and life really hasn't been the same ever since. Did you hear that, Grandma? Are you still out there? Anyway... nor is this posting a tribute to the great George Clinton - one of the most important innovators of funk music, owner of a gazillion cool hats, AND the principal architect of P-Funk - whose albums were often heard playing late into the night at Stew's past birthday bashes (back when he was able to stay up later than 10pm without fear of losing all his faculties). Instead, this post is about Claire's recent trip to THE WORKS, a hands-on museum of engineering tucked inside an old building that is the current Edina Community Center. Claire and Stew joined about 45 of their classmates and hopped on a school bus in Chaska for a field trip to Edina. Claire was excited to take her very first school bus ride, and she was able to explore and learn a bunch of stuff about science, physics and technology at the museum. Plus, she also got to make her very own kaleidoscope as part of a little science/art class at the museum. Stew isn't into science so much, so he spent most of his time nodding his head and saying "How you doin?" to the hot moms who walked by him while he stood in front of the mirror that makes you look taller and thinner than you actually are (too bad the mirror couldn't help him with his crooked teeth or blotchy skin). Claire, on the other hand, was particularly drawn to the robots, foam bricks and the race car track. Following is a photo journal of their day. The picture of Claire sitting in the bus didn't turn out, so you'll just have to take my word for it - there WAS a school bus, and Claire rode in it. Just ask her... I dare you. Also, Claire starts each day with a hair barrette, but asking her to leave it in her hair is like asking Sarah Palin to make a statement without using the words "then" and "also" more than five times each. Anyway, this explains why Claire always has crazy hair in these blog pics (and why Sarah Palin's speeches always resemble a jumbo word salad).

Both Claire and Stew enjoyed the funny mirrors...

It's fun to build a skyscraper with foam bricks...

...or use them to take a nap.
Four-wheeled race cars are overrated! Two wheels work just fine...

Scales are more fun and less scary when you're only 2-1/2 years old...

Pardon me, but are you R2D2 or C3PO?

Got my homemade kaleidoscope right here, y'all!


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