July 14, 2009

SOLD! To the guy who's not Stew...

Auction update! Well, Stew was unsuccessful in his attempt to obtain a lawn tractor at a recent estate auction. Luckily, he also avoided having a meltdown after he quickly realized he could not understand a thing the auctioneer was saying. But Stew dealt with the problem like he does with all adversity - he stomped around mumbling, "This is bullsh*t!" But finally, after about 30 minutes, Stew was able to figure out enough of what the auctioneer was saying to calm down. And after spending nearly four hours watching strange people buy boxes of what can only be described as "junk" (most boxes going for between $1 to $5), the auctioneer finally made his way to the area of the auction grounds where the large power tools and equipment were located. Figuring that 90% of the auction items were sold for next to nothing, Stew was optimistic he'd easily outbid his lawn tractor rivals. But when the 10 HP snow blower went for $450, he knew he was in trouble. The 20 HP V-Twin engine lawn tractor would surely go for way more than that... and it did. Some old guy bought the mower for $850... which is about $800 more than Stew had hoped to spend. The good news is Stew did bid on and win a "lightly used" Redneck Fishing Boat (pictured here with the original owner). Now we just need to find a trailer on which to haul it to the nearest lake... oh, and some fishing poles. We're gonna need some fishing poles.


Anonymous 7:59 PM  

Better luck next time, Stew!!!

Anonymous 1:21 PM  

So Funny!!! --kermit

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