November 19, 2009

It's nothing!

Despite my fear of losing this blog's four faithful readers who are more interested in Claire and less interested in my political leanings, I'm going to continue my lovefest for Jon Stewart by showing a clip from last night's show. So I'm not blogging about Claire and our trip to Florida just yet. I guess you'll have to excuse my dithering. Dithering. Isn't that a funny word... and very popular all of a sudden. Anyway, I've also been racking my brain for the past year just trying to pin down exactly what it is that makes my ears bleed whenever I hear Sarah Palin speak while this same enigma somehow produces raging boners within the Teabagger community. Well, once again, Jon Stewart provided some enlightenment. It's the nothingness...

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Jon Stewart's guest last night was El Lou Diablo (aka Lou Dobbs). If you've got a free 15 minutes, then I urge you to go HERE and find the 3-part interview... it was quite good.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go prepare Claire for her Tumble Bugs class.


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