April 28, 2010


Cost of ink used to print a recipe downloaded from the Weight Watchers website:   8 cents

Gas money for a trip to the grocery store:   20 cents

Fat free sour cream, fat free mayonnaise, frozen peas, mushrooms, tuna, egg noodles, reduced-fat shredded cheese:   $16.23

Serving your family a healthy version of tuna noodle casserole that nobody will touch because it tastes like paste:   priceless POINTLESS!

There are some meals worth eating. For a bland, uninspiring meal a dog won't even sniff, there's Weight Watchers. 

Now, on to the priceless portion of this blog post...

My friends at Evolution of Dad sent me more info on the upcoming release of The Evolution of Dad, a documentary film by Dana H. Glazer. Here's a glimpse at the first five minutes of the movie. As someone who lost his dad before I became one myself, watching these clips makes me wish more than ever that Claire could have known her Grandpa Stewart.

Here's more info for anyone out there interested in learning more about the film and/or purchasing a copy at a discounted price. And while you read the details below, I'll be preparing Claire for another trip to the grocery store because tonight I'm serving chili dogs dipped in melted cheese served with Bacontinos (bacon-wrapped Totino's Pizza Rolls)... maybe some SPAM wontons as an appetizer, and we're definitely having deep-fried Snicker bars for dessert!

The Evolution of Dad is a thought-provoking documentary about what it means to be a contemporary American father. Following the personal journey of filmmaker and dad, Dana H. Glazer, the film explores how fatherhood has evolved over time, what its impact has been on family and society; and lastly, how fatherhood will likely continue to evolve.

Pre-Orders Begin: May 1, 2010

Pre-Orders End: May 15, 2010

Pre-Orders Shipped: beginning May 18, 2010

Link for Pre-Orders: www.evolutionofdad.com

** Film Release: May 18, 2010

Regular Price: $19.95 (+ $4.99 S&H via first class mail)

Pre-Order Discount: 15% discount - $16.96 (+ $4.99 S&H)

In order to qualify for the discount, your readers must enter the following coupon code when placing orders: HOMEDG440.

Our Twitter Feed: www.twitter.com/evodadmovie


Brad and Hailey 2:45 PM  

hahaha thanks for the recipie non suggestion, I appreciate it :)

Anonymous 11:05 PM  

Ditch the non-fat stuff. You never know what they use to take the fat out. I was reading a fat-free yogurt label today. Good thing I took chemistry in high school.

Anonymous 8:01 AM  

At the risk of posting this twice...

That's why my motto is "Eat right, exercise, die anyway"!

I, too, have thought alot lately about waht a shame it is that our kids did not get to know their Grandpa. I know he (and they) would have had a blast.

Gotta go...I think a Dunkin Doughnut is calling my name.

Your overfed sis

Bogart 8:26 AM  

Ditch the fat-free stuff? Done and done! And, I believe Minnesota FINALLY has a Dunkin Donuts franchise in town. Now if I can only get a Taco Johns out here in Chaska...

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