November 21, 2007

Scared turkeys and anonymous infiltrators

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Tomorrow morning, we're heading off for Grandma and Grandpa's farm in SoDak. It will be Claire's first visit to the farm, so it should be fun for her to learn what good 'ole Midwestern hardwork smells like. Trust me, it's not a pretty smell... and it certainly doesn't taste like chicken (it's more like pork and beef)! I get to play with Lucy, the farm dog, while I'm there. I just hope she doesn't dislike me for infiltrating her property. Stew's also hoping I don't find my way to the feedlot... where the smell is a bit pungent. Anyway, I have some pictures to post that I've received over the last week or so. Aunt Dee (Florida) sent the first two turkey-related pictures, while Uncle Kermit sent the chicken-hawk postcard (that'd be the picture of Dick and Rummy arguing over the puppy for those of you who don't quite grasp the "chicken-hawk" reference). I'm also posting a link to a little Thanksgiving-related greeting card I created for you at the Jib-Jab website. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to post the video greeting card to the blog, so I'm stuck just posting a link to it. Regardless, I'm hoping y'all find the greeting as cute and sweet as I do. I try my best to provide you with humor at this blog, but I recognize I might occasionally miss the target with my ramblings. More on that later... In the meantime, if you ever wondered what runs through the mind of your food, then you'll like the clip (update: copy & paste because the clip isn't working by clicking on it):

In other news, allow me to introduce you to Bogey Brawn, International Dog Without Dignity. Not to be confused with that Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery character, Bogey's trademark slogan is, "Humuliation is my middle name, Baby." I created my alter-ego to help deal with the embarrassment I felt the first time Stew dressed me up in a little outfit (when he strapped reindeer antlers to my head when I was just a scared, little pup). Now, whenever Stew shows up with a camera in one hand and a Hello Kitty princess crown in the other, I revert into my Bogey Brawn character and pretend I'm on a mission. I also slip into Bogey Brawn whenever I see Claire prancing around the house in her flower-power hippy pants and groovy daisy shoes. Momma sometimes teases Stew by asking Claire questions like, "what did Papa dress you in today?" I sense a tinge of sarcasm in her voice when she asks such questions and, judging by the way Stew gets all huffy and defensive, I think my assumptions are accurate. But sometimes it can be difficult for some people to pick up on sarcasm, so I'm going to provide you all with a definition of the word taken from so you are able to recognize it the next time sarcasm presents itself to you. Here you go:

sar·casm (sär'kăz'əm)
1) A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.
2) A form of wit marked by the use of sarcastic language intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.

So, why the lesson on sarcasm? Continue reading below...

Yesterday, I received an anonymous comment posted to my October 13th blog entry. The comment is in reference to my October 26th blog entry where I SARCASTICALLY poked fun at the photo that won the Baby, You're a Star baby photo contest in which we entered Claire. Here's the comment for your viewing pleasure:

Anonymous said...
Apparently your little squirrel baby wasn't cute enough, better pick a cuter squirrel next time. Maybe a rabbit they're softer. Too bad people are such sore losers, those are the ones that just shouldn't enter these contests. Did you really need a contest to tell you your baby is cute? Shame on you for being a sore loser.

Now, it's apparent Anonymous - if that is your real name - was unable to detect the sarcasm in my (admittedly) mean-spirited entry, so I deleted the references and link to the contest's winning photo altogether. Plus, I hit myself over the snout with a rolled-up newspaper just to be sure I get the message loud and clear. Furthermore, I will promise Anonymous that we will forever refrain from entering Claire into any contests where the winner is selected purely on how many friends/family we can get to vote for her on the site. We can't compete with a trailer park full of kin votin' for their little "Britney" as we simply don't have enough cousins or baby daddies in our clan to tap into for support. Instead, we will only enter Claire into contests where she's judged purely on her appearance. This will insure she's prepared for the real world when she gets older.

Now, let's all go eat some turkey and chill out...


Anonymous 3:21 PM  

I would like to clarify that both Claire and Bogart have been to the farm previously. Claire found little time to play with Lucy due to Grandma not letting her go. I introduce Claire to some of the piglets. She did like them, but Grandma didn't think it was a good idea to play with pigs.
Aunt Karen

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